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HP HDX X18 Premium Notebook PC, HP HDX X18T Premium Notebook PC(Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1(32-bit and 64-bit))

Wireless Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver
Version, 20.67MB
Windows Vista Windows 7  [Windows 8(use automatic updates)]

The rest of the driver are similar to HDX X16
  1. Tools and Utilities:
  2. Bios
  3. Driver Information
  4. Additional Information
  5. External reference
  6. Latest Drivers

Quick Download Link (drivers only)
Intel Chipset Installation Utility For ICH9
Version A 2.03MB
Windows Vista  Windows 7  (run windows automatic updates for windows 8/8.1)

Audio Driver
IDT High-Definition Audio CODEC Driver
Version:6.10.6225.0 A, 21.46M
Windows Vista   Windows 7  (automatic in windows 8/8.1)
(Windows 8, you can also use the latest drivers provided by HP)

NVIDIA GeForce G 105M Graphics Driver Also known as NB9P-GS
Version: A, 176.64M
Windows Vista   Windows 7  Windows /8.1 32-bit Windows 8/8.1 64-bit

HP Quicklaunch Button
Version 24.56MB
Windows Vista  Windows 7  Windows 8

HP USB Digital/Analog TV Tuner
Version 2.1C, 3.61MB
Windows Vista  Windows 7 (Windows 8 - automatic, if not see external reference no 3)

Synaptic Touchpad Driver
Version A, 12.1MB
Windows Vista  Windows 7 Windows 8

Intel Pro Wireless
Version13.0  12.08MB
Windows Vista Windows 7  Windows 8

LAN -Ethernet
Realtek PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC Driver
Version 6.208.729.2008 A, 5.02MB
Windows Vista  Windows 7 Windows 8

Card Reader
Jmicron Card Reader Driver
Verison A, 1.06MB
Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8(all OS)

Cyberlink Youcam Software
Version 2.0.3115, 51.15MB
Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8

Fingerprint - Driver 
(install before fingerprint software)
Validity Fingerprint Sensor Driver
Version A 19.03MB
Windows Vista Windows 7 ( Windows 8 - automatic, if not install windows 7 driver in compatibility mode)

Fingerprint - Software
Digital Persona Fingerprint Reader Software
Version A , 22.16MB
Windows Vista Windows 7 (install win 7 software in compatibility mode for windows 8)

ENE CIR Receiver Driver
Version A, 1.02MB
Windows Vista Windows 7 (For windows 8 install windows 7 driver, see external reference no 4)

All these Drivers Applies for the following model:

HP HDX X18-1001XX
HP HDX X18-1004TX
HP HDX X18-1006TX
HP HDX X18-1008TX
HP HDX X18-1009TX
HP HDX X18-1011TX
HP HDX X18-1012TX
HP HDX X18-1013TX
HP HDX X18-1014TX
HP HDX X18-1015TX
HP HDX X18-1025NR
HP HDX X18-1040US
HP HDX X18-1044NR
HP HDX X18-1056CA
HP HDX X18-1140US
HP HDX X18-1145DX
HP HDX X18-1155CA
HP HDX X18-1160US
HP HDX X18-1201TX
HP HDX X18-1202TX
HP HDX X18-1203TX
HP HDX X18-1301TX
HP HDX X18-1370US
HP HDX X18-1375DX
HP HDX X18T-1000 CTO
HP HDX X18T-1100 CTO
HP HDX X18T-1200 CTO

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HP HDX X18 Drivers For windows 7 and windows 8 - Driver Geek